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Beyond this, all these stories reach worldwide on the two influential platforms that we have created—Sri Lanka Design Festival and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Sri Lanka to draw in biggerand better opportunities. is one of Design Corp’s biggest ventures, and is an annual platform for designers, design and creative innovation within interior design, furniture, as well as, graphic and visual communication design. It comes alive each year through an inspiring series of conferences, exhibitions, workshops and talks that bridge international and local knowledge in design led innovation. It has successfully established a network of events that is anticipated and valued by the local creative community as an event that inspires, challenges and educates them.

Design Corp partnered with some of the biggest names in the automobile industries at home and abroad to bring down the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Runways to Sri Lanka., not only turns the attention of the fashion world to Sri Lanka, but is also an annual platform that draws in bigger and better opportunities for local fashion talent and upcoming brands.

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