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Design for Sustainable Development Foundation - DFSD - is a non-profit organization established by Design Corp in 2011 as a way of giving back to the community.  


DFSD is focused primarily on uplifting rural artisans.  It works by partnering top designers with skilled crafts people to foster design innovation and excellence in Sri Lankan heritage craft and textiles and it has a strong focus on sound environmental practices, sustainabiliy, and women’s empowerment.

In other words, DFSD is another way in which Design Corp makes a difference through design. 


From modest beginnings, the Foundation now works with over a thousand artisans across Sri Lanka, fifty designers from local and international backgrounds, and a growing network of clients.  The result is beautiful range of hand-produced items from across the island that are sold domestically and internationally via Island Craft, and other ethical retailers.  No middle men (or women) are involved, artisans are properly recognized and rewarded, and their skills are being passed on to the next generation.   


The DFSD model has been so successful that Design Corp is looking to it expand further. If you are similarly passionate about promoting sustainable development through design, supporting skilled artisans, empowering women, and helping to protect and preserve heritage skills in Sri Lanka, you are invited to support the Foundation.

To discuss how you may help, please contact


Victoria Walker - Honorary President, De



Victoria Walker

Honorary President 

Design for Sustainable Development Foundation 


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