Our conglomerate of brands, organisations and institutions is a complete ecosystem of businesses built upon design led innovation. Founded on the philosophy that design and innovation can impact transformative development for Sri Lanka and the rest of the South Asian region, Design Corp group of companies utilise creativity and new ideas to reinvent industries, realign products and services and mobilise talent with commercial relevance. It functions as a dynamic collective and includes a network of entities that begin with education and stems to talent development, mentorship, brands and platforms that create opportunities for recognition and entrepreneurship.


We are in the industries of education, retail and real estate providing retailing design and innovation lead ideas, services and products. Our operations stretch from design education, design consultancy, designer product creation and retail to infrastructure development, promotion and facilitation of creative innovation among diverse groups across industries.

Design Corp is the brainchild of entrepreneur and innovator Linda Speldewinde, and is driven forward by a multicultural workforce of over hundred resident experts that include futurists, academics, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, designers, analysts and young dreamers. Our collaborators range from artisanal, curatorial, policy-making, industrial and diplomatic backgrounds among many more. Our working culture embraces futuristic work methods and respects diverse individuals and talents, and fluid agendas.